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The Pixel Hut Unlimited Graphic Design Story | Pixel Hut

Our Story

Pixel Hut provides world class, high quality graphic design solutions to customers across Australia and Asia.

We have taken the traditional approach to Graphic Design and made it better… Design. Unlimited.

That is exactly what Pixel Hut provide. Professional Unlimited Graphic Design, highly competitive pricing structures for our customers and a creative eco-system to rival any agency in the world. 

But how was Pixel Hut born?

First a series of questions were asked:

■ Why is Graphic Design so expensive?
■ Why do Creative Agencies charge such high hourly rates for Graphic Design?
■ Why are Freelance Graphic Designers so unreliable?

Surely there was a better solution? 


One thing we knew for sure. All businesses need access to reliable, high quality and competitively priced graphic designers. 

We took this and we created a challenge for ourselves…

“What single vision could we create to ensure all businesses had access to well priced, reliable, transparent and the highest of quality graphic design?”

And then it hit us!


And Pixel Hut was born. 

The vision was now set and many months were spent developing a seamless workflow to ensure customers engaged in a collaborative and highly fluid graphic design process.

At Pixel Hut we want to provide more than just fantastic graphic design. We want to provide the creative eco-system for our customers.

What do we mean by providing our customers with a Creative Ecosystem?

Our Story

  • Pixel Hut will provide dedicated graphic design resource onto your projects.
  • Pixel Hut will integrate a fluid design and creative workflow into your business.
  • Pixel Hut will project manage the delivery of all requests from inception to Intellectual Property handover.
  • Pixel Hut will manage all staff output, management layers and costs.
  • Our customers do not need to concern themselves with HR, management costs, management structures or office space.
  • Pixel Hut deliver the entire creative ecosystem! No Contracts, Cancel Anytime, Low Monthly Fee.

It really is as simple as that.



Our Vision

“Ensuring all businesses have access to well priced, reliable, transparent and the highest of quality graphic design services”


Our Approach

Fantastic Creatives:

  • Continuous development of our employees skills.
  • Providing the best graphic design resource for our customers.

Transparency: Ensuring our key unlimited graphic design philosophies are always met:

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Consumer Centric Approach

Customer Service:

  • Consumer centric approach to everything we do.
  • Nothing is sign off until our customers are 100% satisfied.

Giving Back:

  • Being a valuable member and employer in our local communities.
  • Helping our employees achieve their goals.
  • Supporting community initiatives and charitable causes.


  • Creating an enjoyable and creative environment for employees to thrive.
  • Building trust through communication and collaboration.
  • Ensuring a work life balance is maintained